• D20

    Laird's Applejack Brandy, Foro Amaro, lemon, salted honey Up
  • Lay On Hands

    New Amsterdam Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, Giffard's Passion Fruit Liqueur, lemon up
  • High and Dry

    Humboldt Hemp Vodka, blueberry honey, lime, house-made lavender biters. Up
  • Dragonblade

    St, George Green Chile Vodka, lemon, agave, elderflower liqueur, jalapeno rocks
  • Razz Berry

    Lunazul Blanco Tequila, St. George Raspberry Liqueur, pineapple, lime, agave
  • Emporia

    Four Roses Bourbon, luxardo Maraschino, lime, blackberry-balsamic shurb, aquadfaba. Foamy
  • Chareau-dinger's Cat

    House-infused Strawberry Gin, basil, lime, Chareau Aloe- Cucumber Liqueur. Up.
  • Number Nine

    Machetazo Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, citrus blend, housemade mole bitters. Rocks.
  • King of Red Lions

    Louisiana Bayou White Rum, Aperol, lemon, grilled pineapple, pink peppercorn tincture. Tail.
  • Phoenix Down

    Old Overholt Rye, Guildhall Palazzo Vermouth, Benedictine D.O.M, Foro Amaro, aromatized Laphroaig. Up.
  • Do a Barrel Roll

    Cutwater Barrel-Rested Gin, Lillet Blanc, Guildhall Amaro Municipio, Herbsaint rinse. Up.
  • Snake Oil

    Marti 3 year rum, Gosling's black seal rum, green chili vodka, pineapple juice, citrus blend, honey, angostura bitters, crushed ice.
  • Estus Flask

    House strawberry gin, licor 43, citrus blend, Honey Bubbles moscato.
  • Old Fashioned

    Four Roses Bourbon, Demerara sugar, orange, compound bitters, maraschino cherry. Rocks.
  • Moscow Mule

    Lvov Vodka, Lime, ginger beer, Tial.
  • The Waldorf

    Old Overholt rye, Antica Carpano, absinthe rinse. Up.
  • Last Word

    Astral Pacific Gin, Green Chatreuse, Luxardo Marashino Liqueur, lemon. Up.
  • Mezcal Rose

    Machetazo mezcal, lime juice, grenadine. Up.
  • Conundrum Red Blend

    CA '16 / Red Wine
  • Mossback Pinot Noir

    CA '16 / Red Wine
  • Est. 75 Cabemet

    CA '15 / Red Wine
  • Farmhouse White Blend

    California 2016 / White Wine
  • Sea Sun Chardonnay

    CA '16 / White Wine
  • Obvious Wines Sauvignon Blanc

    CA '17 / White Wine
  • Hogwash Rose

    California 2016 / White Wine
  • Hogwash Rose

    CA '16 / Rose & Sparkling
  • Anna de Codomiu Cava

    Spain NV / Rose & Sparkling
  • Honey Bubbles Moscato

    Italy NV / Rose & Sparkling